Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When Sex Is Too Important For Her

Published in Myspace dated Monday, February 19, 2007

I had a conversation with this new lady friend. Actually, she was not yet a friend, because we had never met before that. We ordered a glass of teh tarik each and a set of roti bakar. It was about 11pm. Another round of teh tarik later, it was already 7am.

During that long conversation, she talked about her ordeal with her abusive husband. Her husband had an affair with another woman, and would dare to bring his affair home while she is in the house. Her husband's affair even dare to scold her in her own house while her husband watching.

Being hit was kind of normal. At one time, she even miscarriaged after being hit so bad. Until now her family never knew about the miscarriage because she never told them that she was having a baby. She would rather talk to an unknown stranger.

When I asked, why don't you leave him? Why don't you bring him to courts? She said, she did that already. In fact, a court case is still ongoing at that time. But she doesn't want to be separated from her husband. I asked why. She said, it is because of sex.

She had a colourful sex life before marriage, in which she had no regret. But, after she met her then abusive husband, she knew she can't live without the kind of sexual experience she had with him. She knew that, she will die with sexual hunger if he were to leave her. She would rather be abused, because no man can match what her then abusive husband capable of. Not that she have not tried, but other men is simply not her "level".

Dumb? I guess not. For some people, sex is just being far too important than anything else..

Any happy ending to this story? As I watched from afar, her life still going on. She is still young in her 20's. What I know is that she is now trying to file for Takliq, which means her husband can never rujuk back. She lives alone on her two feet. Her husband, from time to time, tried to talk her out of that takliq process. He also apparently can't find sexual fulfillment from other women he slept with.

And so, life goes on…


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