Sunday, June 27, 2010

Don't Cum Already!

Previously published in Myspace dated Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Some people just born with high libido, that making love is a matter of routine of the same degree as breathing. Sex is *the* air.

I had this conversation with a lady friend, who is such a person with high sexual drive. The problem is, her hubby always cum before she fully satisfied. Many times she had to seek the pleasure from a dildo in descrete while her hubby went to the toilet after sex, and get caught red-handed few times too.

"Ok, tell me in details how both of you do it.", I said.

"I like to lick. So I will lick his whole body during foreplay. He will lick me too..."

"Hmmm... then?", I listened to her seriously, playing a shrink role.

"Then he entered, and we have our intercourse laa... Usually, we'll start with him on top."

"Hmmm... then he shoot?", I asked, still serious...

"Not really... After we finished with that, he will pull out so that I will be on top.", she explained.

"But I will lick him first. I like to lick... he he he...", she gigled. "Not long after I'm on top, he'll cum. Very frustrating you know..."

"No wonder he shoot early... he he he...", I can't help it but laughed a bit.

"What did I do wrong?", She just looked puzzled.

"You over stimulate him, dear..." I explained. "Next time, try this. When he pulled out for you to change position, get him to lick you before you sit on him, not the other way round. You will only suck him when he gets limped.", I said.

"Oh... like that... But I enjoy licking him. He enjoyed it too".

"Of cause he did. Who wouldn't?", I smiled.

We never talked about her hubby being shooting too early after that conversation. I guess, small modification can make a big difference, even in sex...



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