Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sex And Love

Published in Myspace dated Saturday, March 10, 2007

I took a time-off one afternoon to have a teh-tarik with a lady friend I barely knew. She said she's coming by. Since my work load was very light and under control, so I decided to take a break. We had the teh tarik nearby where I work.

She started her story almost immediately after we sat down. Starting from the time she get raped while in college, almost all her sexual experiences with guys, and her current live-in boyfriend. I just sip my teh tarik and listen, passing comments as and when appropriate to help her story ran smooth. At all time, I just maintain my poker face, not to show too much emotional reaction.

She had live-in with her boyfriend for almost 2 years at that time. They had sex almost everyday. When she had period, she just blow him. She will just ensure that he will unload. I kept my poker face.

"When you had sex with him, do you climax often?", I asked. "Rare", she said. "I'm one of those who are hard to reach orgasm.". I kept my poker face. "If I want to have orgasm, I'll have to use my vibrator. That's the only way. Maybe I masturbate too much since puberty that makes me hard to reach orgasm.". I kept my poker face. Grin...

"Do you love him?", I asked.


"He's all I got now, and I'm not thinking to be with any other guys.". "Did you ever think of marrying him?". "His mom don't like me.". Sigh.

There I was. Listening to this lady who couldn't really enjoy what she was doing, wouldn't really understand how she felt toward her boyfriend, and didn't really know what's the ending of all those.

Maybe she did enjoy doing all those that she did to her boyfriend. Being there for him. Taking care of him. Ensure that all his needs fulfilled. Maybe she thought, that's what love all about.

For me, she's just traded sex with companionship. Love was never there...


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