Friday, June 25, 2010

Orgasm, Or The Lack Of It...

Published in Myspace, dated Sunday, March 18, 2007

I had a lady friend who was married for 6 years, had a child, got divorved, had a sexual relationship with a boyfriend for 2 years, but told me that she only experienced orgasm once in her whole lifetime.

I had another lady friend who had sex with her boyfriend for 2 years, practically had sex once a day throughtout those 2 years period, but never had a single orgasm until she had sex with another guy. Only then she know what orgasm is all about.

Can that really happen????


  1. lemme see. its possible. either the man are not experience enough to hit the women G spot lol lol

    to be honest not many people know what is orgasm all about...

  2. Haha.. yeah.. G-spot is not the only pleasure point that can be hit. It seem that guy don't have much experience hitting *any* spot.. lol..

    Not many people know what orgasm is?? Hmmm.. now that I found wierd... really?

  3. oh.. there's such cases huh...? i never know.. hhehee

  4. There are... and there are more too... :)

  5. Don'y worry, one day you will... :)


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