Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sex With Body And Soul

Published in Myspace, dated Friday, February 09, 2007

My close friend, who was married, once told me, "Sex in marriage life only sweet during the first five years. After that, it just become a boring routine..."

I told her, "My first five years of sexual experience was the most boring one. Now, not anymore...". She just stare at me, and changed the topic.... hehehe...

Sex is not only for *that* small part of our body. Sex is not simply a routine of repeatative movement which end with an "Arrghhhhh" that gets quieter and quieter over the years...... After several years, it simply becomes, "Dah???"

Let your eyes have sex too. Look at your partner, don't just shut your eyes and imagine having sex with someone else. Look at every facial impressions, every body movements, every lip-biting, every eye-staring. Smile seducely whi your partner look at you.

Let your ears have sex too. Moan, cry, make sensual noise. And guys, you can do that too. Don't just keep quiet. Don't be shy of making sexual noise. The neighbor? Let them jealous!

Let your nose have sex too. Make youself smell nice. Take bath and clean yourself before sex. Spray some perfume. Burn some aromatherapy oil. C'mon... No fun having sex when your partner is smelly!

Let your touch have sex too. Caress every inch of your partner's body. Hallo... every inch, not only the breast, ok. Soft touch, the kind that almost not touching. Be gentle.

Our energy goes to where our mind is. When we not focusing only at our genitals, the sexual energy produced during love-making will just spread out to the entire body as our mind went from eyes to finger to ears to nose to eyes to the touch of the skin to.... everywhere... No longer that energy just confined to the small area of genitalia coz that is where our mind usually is.

Then, just prepare for a whole body orgasm, not just that small part of your body. That, is sex with your body and soul...


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