Monday, June 28, 2010

The Currencies For Sex

Previously published in Myspace dated Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I had lunch with a lady friend. Our usual conversation is about men who tried to win her. That day was no exception. In particular, we were talking about one particular guy who did a lot of things for more than 2 years. At one time, that guy seems to be closed enough to win her heart, but then did something foolish that made her mad.

"I think, he just wanna win you like a trophy", I said. "All he wanted was sex, and as soon as he got that from you, he'll announce it to all his friends...", I said again. Actually, I knew that guy. I met him few times. At one time, he kiss this lady friend of mine on the cheek, and the next day, almost everyone in his office knew about it. To add salt to the wound, everyone in his office knew her... But I have to admire his persistence, coz he tried to get her for more than 2 years now.

"Yeah, I know. As soon as he got me in bed, not only everyone he knew will know about it, but also everyone in my office too.", she chuckled. I just laughed.

"Ok, let see. For the past 2 years, what had he done? Let's list them down.". I said when we done laughing.

"Hmmm...", she was kind of thinking. "He told me sad stories many times, saying that his wife has menopauses laa, lonely laa, you know those kind of stories...."

"Hmmm... that's the sympathy technique. But later you also found out that he had a second wife, right?", I said.

"Ha ha ha! Yeah... I almost fall for that!", she said. "What else had he tried?", I asked.

"Hmmmm... He wanted to see my parents, and bring me and my daughter to some amusement park for holiday...". Yup, she already separated.

"You didn't fall for that?", I asked. "Heck no! I'll never get him to meet my parents or my daughter. At one time, my daughter and I had lunch at Mc Donald when he came by. My daughter was actually freaked out!". We laughed again. I met her daughter in a couple of occasions. We even made wrist beads together. Cute little fella. "OK, that is winning-your-heart-thru-your-love-ones technique. What else had he tried?"

"Hmmm... let see... He belittles me, saying that I'm a frigid and not good in bed. So, I should prove to him how good I am by sleeping with him... Ha ha ha...", she laughed, I laughed. "That's... err... the reverse psychology technique...", I said, still laughing.. "What else?"

"Hmmm.. Aaaa, I remember this one. He said if I had sex with him, I will be sooo satisfied and will not want sex for few months. You remember that, right? You had that in your blog", she said. Yup I did wrote about that in one of my earlier writings. My comment for that was, if a women is so satisfy with a man, she may wanted to do it more frequent than once in a few months. "He he he... Hmm... what should we call that... the Try-me!-try-me! technique? ha ha ha...."

"Haiii... entah la... One thing for sure, he'll never get me thru sex.", she said. I just looked at her and smile. "Yup, you are one hell of a trophy if he ever gets you..."

I guess, that guy need some other currencies to exchange with sexual experience with her. Sound coarse, but that's how I look at the situation between that guy and her. That guy was trying to buy sexual experience with her using whatever technique mentioned above as the currencies.

"So, what actually he should do if he wants to have you up to the point of having sex?" I asked, bluntly. And she did tell. Hmmm... I won't tell here, but that guy missed by miles!



  1. hmm..that guy only thought of sex?? -_-"

  2. yeah... some people have preseverence at the wrong place, no? :)

  3. Nice...i got latest too, kinda real Good Idea

  4. It's real conversation with real people on real situation... :)

  5. I need to learn such techniques/currencies... i dont want to stay single all my life... and it's already half way through...

  6. Getting sex and getting a life partner needs a totally different set of skills... So better know which one u r looking for and adjust ur expectation accordingly... :P


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