Thursday, June 24, 2010

Man Who Lied To Have Sex

Published in Myspace dated Monday, March 12, 2007

I had lunch with a lady friend today. A light lunch. I had meehoon soto, and she had mee kari. I haven't had lunch with her for a very long time, so we had a lot to catch-up with each other.

While having our lunch, she told me about this guy who is 15 years older than her. She is 33, and he is 48. He did everything to win her heart. Bought he jewelry, fix her broken watch, accompany her to karaoke, drive her around... Everything...

He said that his wife can no longer function sexually, already reached her menopause. His wife is at the same age as him, and his children already big. So he is kinda lonely.

Many nights that this guy had been calling her, telling her how much he wanted to have sex with her, how much he wanted to make her feel good. He even described how the sex scene will be from start to end. Phone sex in essence. Lately, he started to go to the gym to harden all the loosed muscles. Ha ha ha..

So this lady friend told me, "I didn't ask, but people had been telling me lately. One guy told me that he actually has 2 wives. Another guy told me that he is currently having an affair with his receptionist. So I confronted him last week... I even mentioned to him the name of his wives and receptionist.. He just stunned there, unable to talk."

I guess man will do anything to have sex with a woman, including lying.

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