Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Marshmallow Test

Previously published in Myspace dated Saturday, May 05, 2007

In 1960's, a psychologist Walter Mischel had run a project to correlate impulse control among four-year olds to their success in academic achievement. The test was simple. Put a four-year old in a room, with a plate of one marshmallow. Tell that kid, if he/she don't take it until an adult came in, he/she will be given two marshmallows. Some kids took the single marshmallow the second the tester left the room. Others tried to restrain him/her self by singing, walking in circle, or even tried to pretend to sleep to avoid the temptation of that single marshmallow. Twenty to thirty minutes later, the rewards given to those who can restrain him/herself - they were given two marshmallows.

10 years down the road, the progress of those kid were evaluated again. Supprisingly, those kids who waited patiently at the age of four, were having much higher score in their test and were more eager to learn in the classroom. Those who has waited the longest scored the highest amoung those kids under test. This project was named "The Marshmallow Test". (Source: Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman, Chapter 6).

I received an SMS from a lady friend yesterday around noon. It reads, "My friend asked me to joined them for a wild sex party at a hotel, starting 3pm today. She was very persuasive. I'm afraid I can't bare the temptation. I haven't had sex for a while now...."

I read the SMS and smile. I know her friend, and yes she is a very-very persuasive type of a person. But can my lady friend resist the tempation like the four-year old resist the single marshmallow's temptation? I looked at the clock and told myself, they probably checked out the hotel the next day by twelve noon. I'll contact her at 1pm after the check-out time to see whether she joined that sex party or not... That would be very interesting.

I know her very well. She has a very high sexual drive, and from what she had told me before, only her boyfren can satisfy her. Now, those statement is being tested by the temptation of something that most people only heard of as rumours. For most people, wild sex party among friends are something unthinkable or perhaps bring shiver to the spine. Simple rules applied. Everyone can come with a friend of an opposite gender, but no spouse or regular partner to avoid jelousy. Keep secret. No drugs, but afrodasiacs are OK. Bisexuality and partner changing would be expected. A definate orgy with at least 3 or 4 pairs per bed.

Can she pass this marshmallow test? Can she resist this wild sex party? Sex wise, this is like resisting ten marshmallows and patiently waited for two. Some people may ask me, why don't I stop her? Simple. I just want to see whether she can decide for her own good, whether she has a good judgement. I will still look at her as who she is whether she joined that party or not.

At around 1am, she sms me, telling me some normal news. I was still awake that time. Nothing sexual. My guess, she did not go to the party, otherwise she should still be in that orgy thing. They won't stop the orgy till morning for sure. At about 9am, I replied her sms. I asked, "Did you joined the sex party yesterday?" She never lied to me before. She replied an hour later, "Nope, I went to the room, and realize that it is not for me anymore. So I left."

I guess, she passed the marshmallow test. I'm looking forward 10 years from now, to see whether she can be a successful person. Deep inside me tells me that she could.


  1. Haha..nice..My weekend special for u..don’t laugh Check Here

  2. I like this blog. Everything about it. The whole color and words.
    You're very articulated. :)
    and orgies- wow. . .
    i have fantasized, but nono, i won't go through with it.

  3. Can't really tie the marshmallow test to her choice of action actually. I believe she just knew what's good for her.

  4. Hi all.. thanks for your comments ya... :)

    Wenny: Marshmallow Test is a test of temptation, designed for an average 4-year old... The orgy invites is her Marshmallw test... :)


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