Friday, July 9, 2010

Lesson from Grey's Anatomy

Previously published in Myspace dated Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I watch Grey's Anatomy on Channel 70 Astro. The recent episode titled "17 Seconds" was about Denny who is to received a heart, but being beaten by 17 seconds during the donor registration to the guy who in on the top list. As Izzie said, what is a 17-seconds? It is not even enough for a good kiss! How true... A really good kiss can last for hours!

But I'm not writting about Izzie or Denny. I'm writting about George O'Malley and Callie Torres.

In one short scene, last for about 10 seconds, Callie Torres was sitting on a bench with George O'Malley, talking about something. Suddenly, Callie raise her face, looked directly into George's eyes, and say, "I love you". Both of them just stunned for 2 seconds, then Callie tried to backtracked herself, "I'm sorry, you are not going to freak out, are you." George just smile, then come Izzie trying to get George help for something she want to do with Denny.

That 10 seconds scene interest me a lot. I can forget about the whole episode, but I will never forget that 10 seconds scene. It kept playing in my mind like a broken tape recorder...

We all know that George has sex with Callie after that blunder with Meredith. So what's wrong here? Is it expected that if friendship still intact after having sex, love should be there? Callie just say what she feels, which is great. But what if George does not share the same feeling? Should Callie just live with a broken heart?

Oh yeah, it is just Grey's Anatomy. It is not even real. Hmmm... The reason those 10 seconds stuck in my mind was because it is real.

Many months ago, I had a teh-tarik with a lady friend. She wanted to talk to me because she was so confused. She had sex with a guy. It was supposed to be a one-nite stand. But then she fall in love to that guy. Deeply in love. So deep that it hurts her and made her confused. She asked me, "Just one sex, and I become like this??? It is not like I never had sex before!"

I just listen. "Then what do you wanna do?", I asked.

"Last nite, I sms him. I told him how I feel, that I loved him so much and it hurts me.", she said.

"Did he replied?", I asked.

"He called me. He said that he is sorry that he do not have the same feeling toward me.", She said. I looked into her watery eyes. "But then he said, he's not going to freak out and run away from me. As long as I want to be his friend, I can have whatever feeling I want, but I should never force him to love me back. He said, no one can force love.", she continued.

I just looked at her. I can't say much. Indeed, no one can force love. She can't force herself NOT to love him, and he can't force himself to love her, even though they already had sex.

"What you wanna do now? Leave him?", I asked.

She said, "I have no reason to break my friendship with him. He accepted me as friend, and that's a good thing. I don't have to chase him since he's not running away. I dunno what to do! Tell me something...."

"Hmmm... Let's just let things goes naturally, I guess.", I said.

Till today, they are still friends. Till today, she still loved him and only get deeper. Till today, he told her that he does not have the same feeling, but will not run away simply because she loved him.

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