Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sexual Relation Extreme I: The Husband

Previously published in Myspace dated Monday, July 09, 2007

The couple is as normal as any couple. In the eyes of their relatives and friends, they looked OK. In the eyes of each other, they are not. Their problem is something they don't want anyone to see... Their problem is deep -- deep in their heart, deep in their bedroom...

They are one of the case of arranged marriage with close relative. For the wife, he is her hubby. For her husband, she is his sister. Yup, that's what he said. That's the reason he gave on why he can't get erection when he is with the wife.

It is not simply just a reason he gave to justify his inability to get erection with his wife. He had an affair and he was able to have sex with his affair. In fact, he actually get her pregnant. He can achieve all those with his affair but not with his wife. His dick can't even stand up.

I was having this conversation with a lady friend when she mentioned this about her guy friend. That guy does pity his wife and he does felt that he should be responsible to fulfill her sexual needs, but he simply can't do it. No matter how sexy she made herself looked like, or how sensual she tried to act, but he can't get his dick up.

The only time his wife able to have sex with him is when he had one of his morning erections. She will just used that opportunity, to ride her hubby towards her sexual satisfaction while he is still half asleep. Forget embarrasment, sexual needs come first.

I told my lady friend, sex is 10% physical and 90% mind game. The guy want to take revenge on his mother for making him to marry someone while he probably already had a girlfriend. Unfortunately his wife become the victim of that revenge instead of his mother. Everytime he think about having sex with his wife, his hate for his mother's decision haunted him. Too bad he can't get over it.

There are a lot of medicine for those who have physical problem with their dick, but no medicine can help with their mind. Some marriage simply should not have happen...



  1. Yeah I agree, this is also why in the newer generation, sex before marriage is vital. Test run first kan?

  2. Thristan... unfortunately, the so called "test run" by the newer generation is for the guy to test and run, leaving the gurl behind to be labelled as "tested, and ran over..." :p

  3. Yeah... but then, that's their life...


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