Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sexual Relation Extreme II - The Wife

Previously published in Myspace dated Monday, July 09, 2007

We were still having our drinks. Both of us were not saying anything. I guess, we were still thinking about that story of the hubby who can't get his dick up with his wife. Contrary to popular believes, man's dick do not have a mind of it's own. It won't simply stand up in the sight of a naked woman.

Then my lady friend broke the silence. "Another guy friend told me that his wife can't feel any pleasure when having sex, that she just being cold with sex. Most times, she will reject his advance for sex. She won't accept the idea of variation during sex, so they will only do one sexual position which is the missionary position."

I raised my eye-brow. "Maybe something wrong with him. Perhaps he did not do it right. Afterall, he's the captain of his vessel. Perhaps he simply don't know how to stir his vessel towards the horizon", I said, smiling.

"That's exactly what he thought...", my lady friend said. "He thought perhaps there is something wrong with him that his wife can't feel any pleasure during sex, until he had an affair with another woman. Then he knew that he is normal." I raised my eye-brow again.

"Having an affair because of curiosity of his own sexual performance? I know a lot of man do just that for that very same reason.", I said, still smiling. "But why is the wife doesn't like having sex? Any particular reason?", I asked.

"Can't really say the actual reason, but she was brought up with the idea that sex is dirty. Sex is just for human reproduction. When sex is dirty, the pleasure from sex is taken as something which is not a good thing. So I guess, she just shut her mind off when having sex.", my lady friend made her theory.

Her theory could be right. Again, sex is 90% a mind game. Human have the ability to shut off pain to the point that he won't feel any pain. I guess, the same ability is applicable towards sexual pleasure - shutting off the feeling of sexual pleasure, resulting in undesirable sexual relationship even when with a legally wedded husband.

I finished up my drinks and called it the day. Sex may not the only reason why marriages get broken, but it is definately one of them...


  1. i think people should have more free unrestricted sex. and no dress code to work

  2. Meor.... It's just reality... that's all.. :)

  3. Salty... sex is still very much a personal choise between 2 persons... but dress codes, no choises there I guess... :)


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