Thursday, March 24, 2011

[HitTheRoad] The Virgin Massagee

Previously published in Myspace dated 3 Aug 2007

I was in the taxi from Bangkok airport to Amari Atrium Hotel. As I expected, the taxi driver would want to help me to get thai girls for massage, full package, everything included. While I'm not particularly interested to have that kind of sexual experience, I innocently asked questions for the sake of asking...

Will the massage include sex? How long is it per session? How much is it? Are the girls young...? You know, standard questions. Yes, the massage will include all sexual acts I ever dreamt of, 2 hours per session, for 2300 to 2500 baht, and I can choose my girls from the display. Thanks, but no thanks.

But that was during my arrival Tuesday night when I was tired. Today is Thursday, and I'm all fresh... hahaha...

I entered the building. Very nice, cosy, and traditional thai ambient. Aromateraphy candles everywhere, giving relaxing mood and exotic sight. A young lady came, and my thai friend talked to her, telling her what I want - 2 hours of massage. And I want a private room. And I am a virgin massagee, so please be gentle....
After paying upfront, we were pointed to a seat. Waiting period for Thursday night is about 5 minutes.

Weekends? Perhaps hours... Then we were called, and we entered another hall with seats. We took out our shoes, and I was introduced to my massuer, a pretty lady of mid 20's. Was I nervous? A little bit. She took my shoes and gave me a pair of slipper. She kept the shoe, and gesture me to follow her. We went to the 3rd floor.

The room was nice, airconditioned, clean sheet, and very aromatic. Slow music played in the background. My massuer disappeared and came back with loose garment I supposed to wear, and the she left. I closed the door, stripped naked, and get change. Then I opened the door and sit on the bad. Waiting.

Not long after, she came and closed the door. She asked me to lay down. She asked whether I need another pillow, but I said no. I still was kinda nervous. Slowly, she started. First with both my feet, then the whole left legs till the upper thigh, and then she did the same to the right leg. The leg works took a good 40 minutes. She used everything - thumb, palm, elbows, arms and her body weight to do the massage.

Then she started to do my hand. It wasn't long before I fall asleep! I was awaken by a phone call. Damnit!! My boss called due to a customer meeting he supposed to attand tommorow. He need to attend that meeting because I'm in Bangkok. Padan muka dia...

After I hang up my bos, she asked me to turn, and started to do my back. Again, thumb, palm, elbows, arms were used. Not only being massaged, my body were stretched and pulled to its limit. Then she go down to my butt and my legs again. When done, she asked whether I want her to do my head. I said yes... I know I won't regret that.. hahaha...

She started working with my head, my neck and my upper body. Then again, body stretches and pulls... I felt so amazing.

2 hours, and I was done. I gave her a tip for such a plesent experience. An experience I'll never forget.

Total cost? 250 baht for the massage, 100 baht for the room, and 120 baht for the tips. In ringgit - roughly about RM47. Not so bad for a 2 hours massage.

Now I no longer a virgin massagee...

Ahhh... that massage place I went even has a website -->


  1. wah!! bestnye.. dia boleh urut pompuan tak? kalau boleh, nk gi sana la.. hehe

  2. of coz boleh... hehe... i pun boleh gak.. haha..

    Actually, kat KL ni pun ada, tapi mahal... :)


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